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Search home » health and fitness » heart disease elizabeth l perkins platinum author |   148 articles joined: august 3, 2005 was this article helpful? 0 0 exploring the fundamentals of heart valve surgery by elizabeth l perkins in order for your body's organs to perform properly, they must receive a steady supply of blood. viagra pills for sale Valvular problems can impair your heart's ability to pump blood from the ventricles (lower chambers) throughout your body. viagra time delay Heart valve surgery (hvs) seeks to resolve those problems and restore the proper flow of blood. In this article, we'll describe the types of valvular problems that can occur. We'll also explain the surgical strategies that are often used to correct the issues as well as some of their aftereffects. Lastly, we'll describe the benefits of minimally invasive techniques which are being used more commonly by surgeons as the technology at their disposal continues to develop. Valvular problems that can occur your heart has four valves: the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral, and aortic valves. Each of them can malfunction by failing to open or close properly. When a valve fails to open all the way, the passageway through which blood flows becomes restricted. This condition is called stenosis and can occur if the valve has stiffened due to calcium deposits and scars. When a valve fails to close completely, blood can flow back into the chamber it has exited. This condition is called regurgitation and can happen when the individual leaflets lack the fibrous support they need. When the valves malfunction, heart valve surgery is necessary in order to correct the problem. meaning bathtubs viagra commercials Possible surgical solutions any valve that is failing to do its job can either be surgically repaired or replaced. viagra discount A surgeon will make the decision only after he has inspected the valve. If he makes the decision to repair it, he'll place a ring around the perimeter in order to tighten it. Then, he'll cut or modify portions of the valve in order to help it work properly. If the surgeon cannot repair the malfunctioning valve, he'll replace it. He can do so with a prosthetic or a biological alternative. ice cream made viagra If he chooses the former, the patient will need to take anticoagulants for the remainder of his or her life. That prevents clotting which can impair the replacement valve's performance. over the counter substitute for viagra Biological valves are taken from donors or pigs. A traditional approach to heart valve surgery requires that the surgeon cuts through the patient's breastbone and separates the ribs. Then, the heart is stopped while the operation is performed. ice cream made viagra There is a significant amount of risk involved with this type of invasive surgery. The patient can suffer a heart attack, stroke, or infection. Advantage of minimally invasive techniques in many cases, minimally invasive techniques can be used to repair or replace malfunctioning valves. buy viagra online Rather than going through the breastbone and spreading the ribs, the. woman viagra opera commercial Button Button hover Button active Button selected